Special Visitor

A special visitor is defined as a person granted leave for a short-term visit (for a period up to 6 months) in specific circumstances and includes:

  • Visitor for private medical treatment - Paragraphs 51-56
  • Visitors coming to get married - Paragraphs 56D-56F
  • Parent of a child at school - Paragraphs 56A-56C
  • Child Visitor - Paragraphs 46A-46F
  • Student Visitor - Paragraphs 56K-56M
  • Prospective Student - Paragraphs 82-87
  • Visitor in transit - Paragraphs 47-50

There are other visitors’ categories, which include:

  • Visitors under the Approved Destination Status Memorandum of Understanding with China
  • Foreign ArmedForces (not NATO / Commonwealth)
  • Persons coming to enlist in HM Forces
  • Family members of HM Forces transiting the UK Archaeological excavations
  • Appellants seeking admission
  • Parents with access rights to children in the UK
  • Child minders for relatives
  • Visitors seeking visas or settlement visas for other countries
  • Persons coming for job interviews
  • Court reporters

Admission to the UK under one of these categories is usually subject to the general requirements of the rules for admission as a visitor in addition to other specific requirements depending on the category you are applying under.